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Full Year Crime Statistics

July 2012 Top 10 Beats

July 2012 Offenses by Number of Incidents Reported

July 2012 Crime Maps by Beat

HPD Beat Map (PDF)

1A10 Beat
1A20 Beat
1A30 Beat
1A40 Beat
1A50 Beat
2A10 Beat
2A20 Beat
2A30 Beat
2A40 Beat
2A50 Beat
2A60 Beat

3B10 Beat
3B20 Beat*
3B30 Beat
3B40 Beat
3B50 Beat
6B10 Beat
6B20 Beat
6B30 Beat
6B40 Beat
6B50 Beat
6B60 Beat

7C10 Beat
7C20 Beat
7C30 Beat
7C40 Beat
7C50 Beat
7C60 Beat
8C10 Beat
8C20 Beat
8C30 Beat
8C40 Beat
8C50 Beat
8C60 Beat
9C10 Beat
9C20 Beat
9C30 Beat
9C40 Beat

24C10 Beat
24C20 Beat
24C30 Beat
24C40 Beat
24C50 Beat
24C60 Beat
Clear Lake
12D10 Beat
12D20 Beat
12D30 Beat
12D40 Beat
12D50 Beat
12D60 Beat
12D70 Beat

13D10 Beat
13D20 Beat
13D30 Beat
13D40 Beat
14D10 Beat
14D20 Beat
14D30 Beat
14D40 Beat
14D50 Beat


23J10 Beat
23J20 Beat
23J30 Beat
23J40 Beat
23J50 Beat
15E10 Beat
15E20 Beat
15E30 Beat
15E40 Beat
16E10 Beat
16E20 Beat
16E30 Beat
16E40 Beat

17E10 Beat
17E20 Beat
17E30 Beat
17E40 Beat

4F10 Beat
4F20 Beat
4F30 Beat
5F10 Beat
5F20 Beat
5F30 Beat
5F40 Beat
18F10 Beat
18F20 Beat
18F30 Beat
18F40 Beat
18F50 Beat
18F60 Beat

19G10 Beat
19G20 Beat
19G30 Beat
19G40 Beat
19G50 Beat
20G10 Beat
20G20 Beat
20G30 Beat
20G40 Beat
20G50 Beat
20G60 Beat
20G70 Beat
20G80 Beat

South Central
10H10 Beat
10H20 Beat
10H30 Beat
10H40 Beat
10H50 Beat
10H60 Beat
10H70 Beat
10H80 Beat

11H10 Beat
11H20 Beat
11H30 Beat
11H40 Beat
11H50 Beat

IAH Airport
21I10 Beat
21I20 Beat
21I30 Beat
21I40 Beat
21I50 Beat
21I60 Beat
21I70 Beat

* The 3B20 beat became the 2A60 beat as of January 2, 2007.

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