Reliant Energy Residential Price-to-Beat Calculator

This page calculates the Reliant Energy Residential Price-to-Beat tariff. The calculation is taken directly from Reliant Energy's published Price-to-Beat tariff dated August 1, 2006 and includes the published fuel factor effective November 3, 2005. The "billing month" is the month which the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (CenterPoint Energy) considers your meter read date to cover (this may or may not be the same month in which the meter was read). This calculator includes local sales tax so the calculated cost should exactly match your Reliant Energy Price-to-Beat electricity bill (due to rounding the calculated cost may be plus or minus approximately 1 cent). You may use this calculator to compare your electricity cost as charged by an alternative provider with the cost under the Reliant Energy residential tariff.

I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of this page.

Billing Month
Local Tax Rate %(local tax is 1% in the City of Houston)
Usage kWh

Reliant Energy cost is $.

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