Methodist Hospital TRS
Houston, Texas

Type: LTR Regular
Site: 6565 Fannin Street

Frequencies (in LCN order):
01  464.575  WPZS719
02  464.25   WPZS719
03  461.525  WPZS719
04  461.15   WPMY497

0-01-100 Patient Movement
0-02-110 Security - 1xx units
0-02-150 Couriers (internal) - 3xx units, calling unit 303, dispatch i'm en route to west pavilion, 379, 368, people are looking for you in the pharmacy, dispatch i'm completed and going back to jones, fondren icu, alkek, pickup at pharmacy to fondren icu, returning going to main
0-03-120 Maintenance
0-03-130 Valet Parking
0-03-160 Patient Movement - 6xx units, everyone switch your radios to channel 1
0-04-100 Patient Movement

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