Park Police Dispatch and Operations

Montgomery County, Maryland

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Unit Designations

Letter Description Preceding
Patrol (Northwest County: Clarksburg, Poolesville, Gaithersburg, Darnestown, Rockville)
Patrol (Potomac)
Patrol (Northeast County: Damascus, Laytonsville, Brookeville, Ashton)
Patrol (Wheaton)
2-Charlie Patrol (Silver Spring) Yes
2-Delta Patrol (White Oak) Yes
George Wheaton Garages/Parking Detail No
Henry Equestrian Yes
King Canine 9*
Lincoln At-Large Patrol No
Mary Motorcycle (no longer used, now "Motor xx") Yes
Sam Supervisor (Sergeant) No
Victor Special Operations (Equestrian, Motor, etc.) when in cruisers Yes
William Watch Commander (Lieutenant) No
Whiskey Alcohol Enforcement** 9
X-ray Citizen Volunteers*** No

* Canine units are numbered similarly to the County Police units.  The Park Police's canine units are designated in 9-King-3x format, i.e., 9-King-31, 9-King-32, etc.  (County Police canine units use 9-King-1x  and 9-King-2x designations.)

** Used during County Police enforcement initiative, December 1998 and December 1999.

*** Citizen volunteers patrol parks and report suspicious activity, etc.

Response Codes, 10 Codes, Status Activity Codes, Event Clearance Codes, Event Codes, and Race Codes