Fire/Rescue Dispatch and Operations

Montgomery County, Maryland

Please Note: This is not an official Montgomery County Fire/Rescue Web site. Undoubtedly, there is room for error on my part.  If you have any corrections or additions, please feel free to e-mail me (see bottom of page).  Thanks go to Rob Sherman for his help with the vehicle, personnel, numbering, and abbreviations/terminology, etc. sections of this page!

Vehicle Designations

Personnel Designations

Numbering Scheme

Note: Starting in July 2000 the preface "Medic" has been added to fire apparatus (engines, trucks and rescue squads) to designate when that apparatus is staffed with at least one paramedic and has paramedic equipment onboard.

Vehicles and personnel are identified by the type (see above), followed by the station number (either 1 or 2 digits), and a unit number (1 digit).  For example, Engine 171 is a pumper truck from Station 17.  Units marked with an asterik (*) are referred to simply by station number; however, in rare situations when a station has more than one of these types of apparatus, they will be identified with the station number, dash, and the unit number (e.g., Tanker 17-1 and Tanker 17-2).  Units marked with two asteriks (**) are numbered independently of this numbering scheme.

Engines are numbered in ascending order by station, starting with 1.  Ambulances and medics are numbered in descending order by station, starting with 9 (medics first, then ambulances).  Brush trucks are numbered in ascending order by station, starting with 5.  Cars are given arbitrary numbers, generally using numbers not used by other units.

Corporation chiefs are identified by the primary station in the corporation (e.g., Rockville VFD corporation chief is Chief 3, there are no Chiefs 23, 31, or 33).  Assistant, deputy, and station chiefs are identified by the primary station and an additional number (e.g., Chief 3-1, Chief 3-2, etc.).  Rescue chiefs are numbered in the same manner.

Rescue company units are not numbered using this scheme.  Rescue company units are two digits, the first being the rescue company's number.  The second digit is the unit number; medics and ambulances are numbered in ascending order starting with 0 (medics first, followed by ambulances).  Rescue squads are numbered in descending order starting with 9.  Due to this numbering system, the rescue squad at station 29 has the number 291.  Rescue Company 1 operates an ambulance/medic (depending on staffing) that has the number 40, it operates out of Bethesda FD station 26.

When using portable radios, the radio user identifies using their assigned apparatus name and number followed by a letter. "A" designates the driver. "B" designates the charge officer. "C" designates the third person and so on. The letter "T" is reserved for Tiller truck rear-position drivers.

District Designations:

Common Abbreviations/Terminolog

General Fire/Rescue



Hospital Alert Status

Station Numbers

Fire Stations
#: Corporation: Location:
1 Silver Spring FD 8131 Georgia Avenue
2 Takoma Park FD 7201 Carroll Avenue
3 Rockville VFD 380 Hungerford Drive
4 Sandy Spring VFD 816 Olney-Sandy Spring Road
5 Kensington VFD 10620 Connecticut Avenue
6 Bethesda FD 6600 Wisconsin Avenue
7 Chevy Chase FD 8001 Connecticut Avenue
8 Gaithersburg-Washington Grove FD 801 Russell Avenue, Gaithersburg
9 Hyattstown FD 25801 Frederick Road, Clarksburg
10 Cabin John Park VFD 8201 River Road, Bethesda
11 Glen Echo FD 5920 Massachusetts Avenue, Bethesda
12 Hillandale VFD 10617 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring
13 Damascus VFD 26334 Ridge Road
14 Upper Montgomery County VFD 19801 Beallsville Road, Beallsville
15 Burtonsville VFD 13900 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring
16 Silver Spring FD 111 University Blvd. East
17 Laytonsville VFD 21400 Laytonsville Road
18 Kensington VFD 12251 Georgia Avenue, Wheaton
19 Silver Spring FD 1945 Seminary Road
20 Bethesda FD 9041 Old Georgetown Road
21 Kensington VFD 12500 Viers Mill Road, Rockville
23 Rockville VFD 121 Rollins Avenue
24 Hillandale VFD 13216 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring
25 Kensington VFD 14401 Connecticut Avenue, Silver Spring
26 Bethesda FD 6700 Democracy Blvd.
27 Public Safety Training Academy
(Designation used for training only.)
10025 Darnestown Road, Rockville
28 Gaithersburg-Washington Grove FD 7272 Muncaster Mill Road, Derwood
29 Germantown VFD 20001 Crystal Rock Drive
30 Cabin John Park VFD 9404 Falls Road, Potomac
31 Rockville VFD 12100 Darnestown Road, North Potomac
33 Rockville VFD 11430 Falls Road, Potomac
40 Sandy Spring VFD 16911 Georgia Avenue, Olney
Federal Government Fire Stations
50 National Naval Medical Center 8901 Rockville Pike, Bethesda
51 National Institutes of Health 12 South Drive, Bethesda
52 Naval Surface Warfare Center 9500 MacArthur Blvd., Bethesda
53 National Institutes of Standards & Technology 809 W. Diamond Avenue, Gaithersburg
54 Walter Reed Army Medical Center 
(Forest Glen Annex)
121 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring
55 Naval Surface Warfare Center
(Closed as of August 1, 1997)
10901 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring
Rescue Companies
R1 Bethesda-Chevy Chase RS 5020 Battery Lane, Bethesda
R2 Wheaton VRS 11435 Grandview Avenue

"Unit" Designations

Unit #(s): Description:
1 Fire Administrator
3-4 Administration - Deputy Chiefs
5 Administration - District Chief
6-9 Administration
10-19 Training
20-29 Communications
30 EMS District Chief
31-37 EMS Duty Officer/Public Information Officer
39 Medical Examiner
40-45 Emergency Management
46 Emergency Management - RACES
47 Emergency Management - REACT
48 Emergency Management - TROT SAR
49 Emergency Management - Red Cross
51-59 Fire and Rescue Commission
61-66 Underwater Rescue Team (URT)
70-79 Hazardous Incident Response Team (HIRT)
80-84 Special Evacuation Tactics Team (SETT)
91 Fire Board - Vice President for Recruitment
92 Fire Board - Recruitment Vehicle
95 Emergency Management Group (EMG) Operations Captain
96 MCVFRA President
97-99 Firefighters' Local Union
101-105 Scheduling Coordinators
110-115 Rail Safety
120-126 Public Affairs
127-129 Public Affairs - Honor Guard
130-148 DFRS Staff
150-154 Safety Team
160 Special Event Captain
161-164 Special Event Temporary Assignments
300-309 Collapse Rescue Team/Urban Search & Rescue (CRT/USAR) - Leaders 
310-329 Collapse Rescue Team/Urban Search & Rescue (CRT/USAR) - Technical
330-349 Collapse Rescue Team/Urban Search & Rescue (CRT/USAR) - Medical
350-389 Collapse Rescue Team/Urban Search & Rescue (CRT/USAR) - Rescue
390-399 Collapse Rescue Team/Urban Search & Rescue (CRT/USAR) - Search
PS1-PS5 Property Section

"FM" Designations

Unit #(s): Description:
1 Administration - Deputy Chief - Bureau of Life Safety Services
2 Administration - District Chief - Investigations
3 Administration - District Chief - Code Enforcement
10 Code Enforcement - Captain
11-17 Code Enforcement
22 Code Enforcement
40-46 Code Enforcement
50-51 Investigations - Captain
52-59 Investigations
60 Agency Support - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
61 Agency Support - State's Attorney
62-63 Agency Support - County Police Canine
64 Agency Support - County Police
71 Internal Affairs