Transportation Management Center

Montgomery County, Maryland

Frequency: 150.995 MHz (R) [156.7]


The Transportation Management Center (TMC) is a part of the Montgomery County government's Department of Public Works and Transportation. Its job is to essentially monitor traffic and public transit to ensure chaos does not prevail. The TMC operates many traffic cameras around the area and has access to the Maryland State Highway Administration's CHART cameras. The TMC operates two AM radio stations which broadcast recorded traffic/transit information continuously. In addition, this audio is broadcast during rush hour on the County Cable Channel, along with live on-line shots from various traffic cameras.

One of the TMC's most important responsibilities is the operation of the computer-controlled traffic light system in the county. The TMC can remotely monitor, and adjust on-the-fly, traffic light timings. However, (unfortunately) the lights are not able to monitor themselves, providing for incredibly predictable driving (barring any unusual traffic incidents). The TMC is also responsible for coordinating county transit, primarily the county's RideOn bus routes.

This frequency can be monitored during rush hour (and other major traffic events) for current traffic information from MC-10, traffic cameras, and other sources. The frequency is also active most hours of the night with traffic light maintenance information -- as nighttime would be the best time to work on traffic lights with the least disruption to traffic. Occasionally interesting things can be heard, such as adjustments to light timings for your favorite local intersections, as well as information on freebies leftover from functions in the county cafeteria.